Track all your data with the advanced reporting system

Keep track of all your customer interactions and business performance with our advanced reporting system, equipped with a range of tools to help you analyze and optimize your operations.

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Monitor your Average Handling Time

Measure and monitor your Average Handling Time to identify areas for improvement in customer support.

First response time analysis

Our reporting system includes tools to analyze and track your team's First Response Time, helping you optimize your customer support and improve your response times.

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Chatbot performance reports

Get detailed reports on the performance and effectiveness of your AI-based chatbot with our reporting system.

Channel-specific reports

Our reporting system offers channel-specific reports to help you track and analyze your customer interactions across various channels, giving you a comprehensive view of your customer support.

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Reports overview

Our reporting system provides an overview of all your reports, making it easy to access and compare data from different sources.

Custom range filter

Set custom date ranges to filter your data and focus on specific time periods with our reporting system's custom range filter.

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Company reportsView and analyze data on customer interactions, agent performance, and chatbot usage across all channels.
Agent reportsTrack and measure the productivity and performance of individual agents within your team.
Chatbot reportsMonitor and analyze the effectiveness of your chatbot in automating customer inquiries and providing support.
Tag reportsView and analyze data on customer interactions and performance based on tags assigned to conversations.
Integration ReportsMonitor and analyze data on how integrations with other tools and platforms are affecting customer interactions and team productivity.
Export ReportsEasily export data from any report for further analysis or sharing with others.

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