Why Chatting with Businesses is Better Than Calling Them

Why Chatting with Businesses is Better Than Calling Them
Photo by Daria Nepriakhina 🇺🇦 / Unsplash

I see more and more people around me chatting with banks and eCommerce and travel companies for customer support. Chatting with businesses is a game-changer compared to old-school phone calls. Here's the scoop: when you chat, everything you say is saved automatically. This is super handy because if there's ever a mix-up about what was promised or said, you've got the receipts right there. No more, "I never said that!" moments.

Then there's the magic of chatbots. These clever little helpers are ready 24/7 to sort out your questions or issues on the spot. No waiting on hold listening to elevator music or trying to explain your problem five times to five different people. Chatbots keep things chill and straightforward, making getting help or info way less of a headache.

So, why is all this awesome? For starters, it's way easier to keep track of what was said in chats than trying to remember a phone conversation. Plus, with chatbots stepping in to solve problems fast, everyone saves time and stress. It's a win-win: businesses can help more people better and faster, and we get our problems fixed without the formal fuss of traditional customer service.

The best part is that customers can use multiple apps to chat, switch easily and seamlessly, and carry on receiving amazing customer support IF, with a big IF the company has an omnichannel customer support platform like Whelp!

In a nutshell, chatting and chatbots are making life easier for everyone. It's quick, clear, and way more relaxed. What's not to love?