Customer Support Done Right

Customer Support Done Right

I hate waiting on hold. I have never met anyone who enjoys being put on hold. Especially if the music played while you are on hold is a horrible choice of an intern.

Imagine stepping into the future of banking, or as a matter of fact, any given business where queues and hold music are as outdated as a horse-drawn carriage or fax machines. Well, some companies still use it but anyway.

In this utopian financial world, banks have built a knowledge base so vast, that it could make the Federal Reserve's archives look like a piggy bank.

On top of this financial encyclopedia sits a chatbot, a virtual Warren Buffett, answering questions with the wisdom of a seasoned investor. Stumped by a tricky query about interest rates or mortgage refinancing?

No problem. This bot records it, learns, and next time, it's ready with an answer faster than you can say "compound interest."

The result? Customers manage their finances with such ease, that they forget what a bank branch looks like, and the sound of ringing phones in call centers becomes as rare as a two-dollar bill. It's not just banking; it's banking with a brain!

So, what banks, insurance companies, travel agencies, mobile operators, and all other businesses can do?

Build a rich knowledge base. Design your chatbot. Deploy the chatbot on your knowledge base. Add the AI component for continuous learning. Let the magic happen.

How to do all this? That is a great question. This is exactly where we come in and why Whelp is the ultimate solution for your business to help with automation, and reduce the workload of and for your customer support teams.