Feature-rich platform, yet easy to use

Whelp offers a wide range of features designed for you to build long-lasting customer relationships.
Cloud-based or an on-site software solution to meet the requirements of an enterprise of any size.
Get started in minutes, no technical knowledge required. Simple and intuitive interface.
From voice to email, chat to SMS, social to knowledge base, all-in-one customer support solution.
Unified Customer Messaging SaaS
Connect with your customers where they are.
Ticketing redefined
Know exactly which customer is waiting for a reply to a query and which co-worker is getting things done.
Team collaboration
Get colleagues and teams involved, all you need is to mention them. Keep your team in sync and up to date.
Quick answers
Use pre-canned replies or articles from the knowledge base.
Omnichannel support
Connect voice, sms, livechat, e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more in one shared inbox.
Teams and tasks
Managers or team leads can easily create groups of employees with different skills, tasks and responsibilities.
Private notes
Take notes and share them with your co-workers, so your team is always up to date.
View various standard reports including response times, agent activity and conversation handling times.
Platform integrations
Integrate with apps or e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Wordpress to unlock customer value for every conversation.
Both the software and system messages are available in several languages. Additional languages can be added.
Truly omnichannel
Communicate Better
Uninterrupted conversations
Start in voice, continue in chat, wrap up in email and follow up with text message. Continuous conversations for a long-lasting customer relationship.
Get Started
A better way to acquire new users
Your all-in-one Customer Support Platform
Communicate with your customers on their favorite channel. Exceed their expectations with uninterrupted customer support using the omnichannel cloud solution from Whelp.