The Omnichannel Mystery Revealed

The Omnichannel Mystery Revealed

The emergence of new technologies and their development allows customers and their expectations to determine the development of the company. Every year, businesses are more and more focused on the level of ease of customer support. Who hasn’t heard of "omnichannel" and "multichannel" support?

These two approaches are often confused. Let's see their difference in a simple case:

Your order has not delivered yet, you are experiencing difficulties resolving this problem via a particular channel and you write to technical support to get more detailed information. While you are waiting for a response, you text at the same time on WhatsApp and re-describe the issue, while the operator is checking the system you are wasting time.

Whereas an Omnichannel system is a synchronized operating model, in which business communicates with customers in all available communication channels. Today, the customer may choose any convenient channel for communication with the business and the main task of business to provide all necessary conditions for creating smooth and seamless communication with the customer.

Key omnichannel tools

  • Incoming phone calls
  • Email
  • Social media
  • Communication via online chat on the website and mobile application

When the customer submits a request, no matter which channel is being used, a quick resolution with minimal effort on explaining the problem. Omnichannel support allows your team to better understand the situation and find the right solution. It is convenient for a customer to work with any channel, as well as switch between them. Seamless interaction with various points of contact, helps customers to satisfy their requests as quickly as possible.

The environment, business formats are changing. Thus customer expectations and customer experience are also changing. Personalized customer service - this is how you allow the customer to connect with your company and feel confident that you have a personalized solution.

Delivering customer support in a personalized manner, whether through an automation or an agent, will bring many benefits to your business, which may increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Now more than ever before, customers expect speedy resolutions to their issues. So, according to a survey conducted by Comm100, 71% of customers believe that a quick resolution of their problem by the agent contributes to an overall better customer experience.

In order to increase customer experience and satisfaction, first you need to understand customer expectations, their journey and the entire customer lifecycle.

Today Omnichannel customer support is the solution for forward-thinking businesses.

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