Our Chatbot will be your waiter today: what can I get you to start with?

Our Chatbot will be your waiter today: what can I get you to start with?

Like the "Mexican wave" the pandemic has swept through all areas of the industry. Based on this, over the past 2 years, the restaurant industry has faced many problems, and in connection with the reopening of the business, they had to reinvent themselves.

So this short period surely can be divided into 'before' and 'after'.

The pandemic has set the entire restaurant industry back several years. Such trends, like online ordering, have enabled cafes and restaurants to come up with creative ways to raise customer satisfaction.  

No one has had a better pandemic than QR codes. Although they appeared a long time ago, they found their use, especially with the announcement of restrictions.

Based on current trends, stating that customers will need reassurance about safety and hygiene

Ready for Order and Pay at table technology?

Let's see how it works:

Restaurants place plaques on tables with a QR code. A guest sitting in a restaurant or cafe scans the code with the cameras of their smartphones, which leads them to an online ordering menu.

From there, the guest selects their order and confirms it.

And the entire process is fast and hassle-free with the help of your devices and QR codes.

From now on, you can order online, and the complete process will be much faster than in a regular restaurant. Younger consumers—millennials in particular—are by far the most accepting and enthusiastic about restaurant automation.

Major benefits of Order and Pay at table?

Increases order value

Global data shows that Order & Pay increases the average order value from 10% to 30%.

Gives flexibility for changes to menu items

Now restaurants and cafes will be able to easily add new dishes, and update the menu.

Saves on printing costs

A prominent menu always attracts the attention of customers, but we think a technological approach never hurts. Depending on how often your menu changes, this can save you a lot of money daily.

Facilitates contactless service

With the "Order and payment" system, there is no need to contact the service personnel. This drastically minimizes contact and helps both staff and customers feel safe.

How long does it take you to wait for your orders?

Now it's time to form a new habit- Order Automation!

Please welcome our innovative order automation solution- CafeBot!

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