The time has come: double your profit with these 4 main functions of travel chatbots

The time has come: double your profit with these 4 main functions of travel chatbots

If a few years ago, tourists had to call the support service for questions and hang in line waiting for an answer, today these questions can be solved in a jiffy by asking a chatbot. Yes, today tourists can find all the information they need to plan a trip in search engines or on the website of a travel agency.

Now all these tasks can be solved in seconds with the help of chatbots that will help reduce the time for both parties. Apart from answering queries, now chatbots are so advanced that they can help you with choosing interesting places, choosing convenient travel dates, also suggesting airline and hotel options, etc.

Sounds promising, doesn't it?

Chatbot technology works quite simply at first glance, accepting user requests and responding accordingly. Not to mention chatbots with artificial intelligence which, being quite advanced, understand users' messages and offer appropriate responses for them. AI allows the bot to constantly improve, and this in turn makes it possible to make interactions more natural.

Let's review the statistics:

What is the attitude of consumers to chatbots?

What is a travel chatbot capable of and what functions does it perform?

Simplifies user experience

On average, travelers visit over 30 different websites before booking their trip.
Depending on the reduction in the number of searches, your campaign will be able to stand out from its competitors.

As we pointed out earlier, the functions of chatbots are not limited only to booking hotels and tickets, but to planning the entire trip as a whole.

Participate in customer journey

Well, any agency with the intention of expanding its functions can accompany its clients and be more helpful. Here, more than ever, the help of chatbots may be needed - namely, based on the preferences of the client, he will already know what the user needs and give useful recommendations based on this.

Or, for hotels, car rental agencies, cruises, or insurance policies, your bot can display the best matches for a particular destination with all relevant information, allowing the user to easily view and compare prices and details of each without having to visit multiple websites or pages.

Acceptance of orders and payments

Leading a customer through the sales funnel and closing a deal may well already be done with a chatbot.
The user will not need to download a separate application, or fill out all kinds of forms. Is it easy to enter your data, which can also be used for the following transactions.

Ensuring customer care

Now there will be no need to wait for the working hours of agencies. You chatbot as a faithful assistant will always be there and support you regardless of your time. You will no longer need to look for the phone number of the support service, because of which you hung out and waited for answers. Now, no missed flights, forgotten details about hotel reservations, logistics - all this can be easily solved with the help of a chatbot.

Pros of chatbots in travel industry:

For businesses:

Time - hundreds of requests can be served at the same time.
Routine - since simpler cases, like answers to the same questions, are transferred to chatbots, the team members have more time to analyze and carry out more meaningful and important work.

Costs - support from chatbots is much cheaper for businesses.

Big data - based on the collected user data, can be used to offer a more personalized product.

For users (tourists):

Time - no more "Stay on the line" you may call the chatbot at any time.

Personification - based on previous correspondence, you will not need to repeat the same thing, but you can continue your conversation.

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