5 ways of how Telecoms are reimagining the Omnichannel path

5 ways of how Telecoms are reimagining the Omnichannel path

It's certainly hard to find an industry where customers are known as well as telecommunications companies have information about them.

And how does the “Classic” business of telecommunications companies look like today?

Cellular communication, optimal tariffs and high-speed internet access?

Well, not a promising prospect, especially in the fast-paced world of tech. Based on this, over the past years, rating agencies and analytical companies have not predicted any particular growth for the global telecommunications market.

In the current situation, companies seek to identify new growth points: develop additional types of services and introduce new products, diversify, enter adjacent markets.

Each company in telecom has its own set of rules and policies for communicating with subscribers, where a number of limits may be identified.

Based on Statista, in 2022, telecommunication services spending is expected to amount to 1.46 trillion U.S. dollars, a growth of around 1.3 percent from the previous year.

If once any business had two main channels of interaction with customers - physical points of sale and telephone voice communication, then with the development and spread of the Internet, new channels for communication have appeared, such as websites, e-mail, SMS.

Oh yes, undoubtedly SMS changed the world and our communication, then messaging over the Internet gradually began to take a leading position, especially if these services were free. WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger can be said to have reinvented the way we communicate.

As we may see, the market is highly competitive - and here some messaging providers are developing multi-channel solutions for messaging and communication with customers.

At this stage the concept of multichannel arose - where customers are served in different channels, and but the main disadvantage is that each channel is separate and independent from the other. No matter how efficiently a company works in each of them, as long as all these operations take place in isolation from others. This approach is unlikely to leave customers satisfied, but rather leave them disappointed.

What is the bullet point for effective customer communication?

To simplify interaction as much as possible, which means constant interaction, no matter what channels are most preferred for communication.

What can provide customers with a seamless and personalized communication experience better than Omnichannel? No matter how you contact the business- over phone, email, chat or messaging apps.
Businesses need to be where their customers are.

Meanwhile, the largest companies prefer not only to talk about Omnichannel, but also to put it into practice.

Let's see how:

  1. Through Automation and time-saving

Modern solutions show on automation and automation means lower costs. Chatbots are simply irreplaceable here, in addition support automation reduces the number of customer calls. And the whole process will only take a couple of minutes. Moreover, automation of incoming requests gives operators the ability to focus on other aspects of the business.

2. By improving the quality of Customer Service

You will have more touch points with your customers, choose a channel. How can you do without personalization? Due to this, customer satisfaction increases and, ultimately, ensures loyalty and considerable income.

3. Through Personalization of Promotions and Offers

A detailed understanding of the behavior and thus preferences of customers allows operators to offer offers that will be tailored to their needs. This will make it easier to determine from the reports received which customers like the offers offered to them, which ones would prefer not to receive them at all.

4. Through Simplified Reporting

Each platform have different reporting system and analytics suites. That means different KPIs. So bringing all reports together via unified dashboard allows the businesses to get precise data and to make improvements where necessary.

5. Creating value to increase the corporate segment

The expectations from companies today are incredible. By building a corporate segment, it will be possible to meet the needs and expectations of customers. Thus, the simplification of communication through omnichannel experience will allow enterprises to better communicate and  interact with customers, increase their loyalty to the company, and for companies their value in the eyes of their customers. Thus, the path to achieving the status of a role model in the industry is booked.

Technology is just a means to achieve business goals. In recent years, advances in technology have gradually led us to a model that no longer focuses on the product, but on the customer. And we, in turn, embarked on this path, intend to provide you with seamless and personalized support via our unique platform.  From now on, all incoming requests from different channels are already at your fingertips, combined on a single screen.

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