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Built fundamentally on trust, safety and privacy, WhatsApp is poised to be the world’s most powerful business messaging channel. With the new Business API now open to enterprises in early access, you can engage with customers over WhatsApp like never before.

Key features

WhatsApp Business Solution enables enterprise software to be used to message customers over the channel. It can be used to respond to customer service requests, to resolve urgent customer issues, to deliver timely notifications (receipts, account updates, gate changes, confirmations, etc.), to automate responses for frequently asked questions, etc.

  • Turn on WhatsApp in minutes instead of weeks. Our unified API will give you access to all WhatsApp Business features out of the gate.
  • Send outbound notifications. In addition to strict opt-in requirements, WhatsApp has introduced a new type of paid message, which is required to initiate or reactivate any conversation, and a host of rules for outbound messaging. Enable live agents to send templated messages from your software, no code required.
  • Continue the conversation with full context. When users reply to a notification, WhatsApp integration provides agents with the original notification, giving them the context they need to seamlessly continue the conversation.
  • Deliver messages no matter what. Beyond WhatsApp, our unified notifications API covers all the channels, from Facebook Messenger and Viber to SMS, RCS, push and email. Easily configure your fallbacks and ensure every message gets delivered, no matter what channel a user is on.
  • Automate the conversation. With our platform in the loop, you can connect multiple systems to the WhatsApp conversation stream. Instantly deploy a chatbot and hand off the conversation to a human or share data with other software in real time.

Who is this for?

The WhatsApp Business Solution program is opening with a limited availability for select brands and customer service platforms. WhatsApp approval is required for all customers entering the program. Visit our WhatsApp page to learn more and register your interest to participate in the program.

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