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Channel Integrations
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Whelp automatically routes direct messages received on Instagram to your software making it easier to manage these conversations.

Key Features

  • Supports multiple direct message entry points so you know whenever someone is trying to reach your business.
  • Reply directly to customers contacting your business.
  • Receive a notification when a customer mentions your business in their story.
  • Supporting both human agents and chatbots lets businesses build workflows that automate replies, service customers, and guide conversations.

Who is this for?

  • Brands with an existing presence on Instagram.
  • Businesses looking to handle their Instagram messages centrally alongside their other social channels.
  • Developers who want to learn a single unified API to access Instagram messaging and every other messaging channel supported.
  • Businesses that are able to offer rapid live agent support to their customers.

What you’ll need

  • An approved Professional Instagram account, reach out to your account manager for more details.
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